documentation - license list overview

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

We’ve been working on some updates and improvements to some of the SPDX License List documentation over the last couple meetings. Below is a bit of a summary of some of the updates and an ask for review/feedback.

We have been in the process of updating and moving some of the info on the Overview webpage ( to be in the Github repo, as it seems more likely that people will read it there.   The idea being we will eventually remove the Overview webpage and redirect it to the appropriate place(s).

The license list inclusion principles have their own page in DOCS and I’ve made a PR with the updates we have discussed at recent meetings. Please review and comment, so we can merge and iterate as needed:

Consequently, I’ve also made a PR to update the README for the DOCS directory - please review here:

The description of the license list field has been moved to DOCS here: - no updates needed there, but some links added.

Please review and add comments or edits in the relevant Github PR. (we probably won’t get to this at tomorrow’s meeting, so please read and review otherwise!!)


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