Solderpad licenses on SPDX License List

J Lovejoy


I wanted to get your Solderpad licenses on the last SPDX License List release, but didn’t make it as I had a couple remaining questions and you didn’t respond when I tagged you on Github :)  We are close to trying to get together the next release, so it would be good to get this tied up!

I have v0.5 and v0.51 queued u:
- but wasn’t sure what you use/want for the short identifier - seems like:

Either way, it should be consistent for all versions.

Then, I wasn’t sure how to deal with v2.0 which seems like an add-on/additional permissions/exception to Apache-2.0 and thus should be on the “exceptions” part of the list and used with the “with” operator, as in:
Apache-2.0 WITH SHL-2.0 or something like that.

This also then raises the question of how to name v2.0 - consistent with the others even though it is not a standalone license or different?

Please let me know your thoughts as soon as you can. 

I’ve coped the SPDX-legal team so we have tracked this discussion as well.


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