meeting tomorrow (thursday)

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

We will have our regularly scheduled call. (see dial in info here:

I’d like to make a point to spend a bit of time discussing the topic below. Otherwise, we will also try to tackle any new issues or issues marked as needing discussion at

SPDX has always endeavored to have ALL OSI-approved licenses on the SPDX License List.  The SPDX License List also has NOT included licenses that are clearly not open source (with a couple notable exceptions, like CC-NC-* and CC-ND-*).  We have yet, that I know of, to encounter the explicit question of:
 - what if the OSI rejects a license - then it’s not open source and therefore, SPDX should not include it on the SPDX License List? Would this be the outcome for our decision making process and if so, should we document that for purposes of expectations?

Another aspect we ought to consider: what if the OSI just mulls something over for a long time, looks like it’s not going to approve it, then the author pulls the request, so there is never a technical rejection? 
To my knowledge, I think we have one example of this in the CC-0 public domain dedication.  

Also - there is a general SPDX call the hour prior to our legal call. By way of shameless promotion of work I was involved in, Aaron Williamson and I will be guest speakers on the Open Source Compliance Handbook that the FINOS Foundation released a couple months ago :)


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