meeting today

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we have our bi-weekly call today at 10am MDT.  I think Europe has now also set their clocks forward so we should all be back to our normal time differences.

Being that we just got the 3.5 release out, I’d like to discuss a few broader things today:

1) We have talked about some potential revisions to the Overview page ( on the calls/mailing list and we also discussed some related website updates at the F2F a few weeks ago. I started to do some revisions and ran into some questions, so I’d like to talk through some ideas there.

2) As noted in an email I sent a few days ago, we seem to have a trend people asking for more licenses, faster process, etc. There also seem to be more people using the SPDX License List, than we have volunteering.  I think there are some questions we are going to need to tackle sooner than later, such as:
- how can we make it easier and less work to add new licenses to the list?
- should we be more ‘relaxed’ in what we add, specifically - just open source licenses? what about licenses submitted to OSI that have been rejected or pulled from submission after much conversation? 
- how do we get more people engaged and more hands-on-deck on a consistent basis?

(not that I think we’ll get to all of that today, but good to start thinking and discussing)


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