Re: Verify new license text for libpng-2.0

Steve Winslow

Hi Brad,

I agree with you on including just the new text as part of the Libpng-2.0 text for matching purposes. The fact that they've designated the lower part of [2] as being "version 1" suggests to me that we should match just the top part as "version 2".

I'm adding a few comments in a review on your PR, but otherwise looks good to me. Thanks for moving this one forward!


On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 10:40 PM Brad Edmondson <brad.edmondson@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I've added a PR #755 [1] for libpng 2.0, but realized we hadn't explicitly said on the legal call whether this was just going to be the new text (v2 only), or the full text now in the license file[2] (at least, not that I can remember). I only added the new text in the current PR, which seems right to me scanning-engine-wise (and is also easier), but if anyone would like to argue for adding the full text, please do so on this thread or on the PR.


PS - Trying out the manual URLs thing I notice all the developers doing (presumably so the text itself is more readable). Is this the right way to do it?
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