Dom4J: Which type of license?

Max Brito


I keep stumbling on the Dom4J license categorization.

Some people/groups label it as "BSD-style", while others argue this is an Apache-1.1 variation.

The license terms:


On one side would call this a BSD-5-Clause type of license, where a 5 clause type is yet unheard of. On the other hand it is closely related to Apache-1.1 text albeit the order of the clauses also changes slightly. At current time on our side this is just being categorized as "Open", meaning open source license terms without a specific family type. Albeit this is a sad situation since Dom4J seems in fact to be the licensing love child between BSD and Apache before they parted ways. Maybe we could do better.

In case you see the question as fitting to the group, what would be your opinion on this topic?

Many thanks,

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