Re: New License/Exception Request:Convertible Free Software License v1.1

J Lovejoy

Hi Elmar,

It appears that you are still in the OSI review/approval process and as a result the license has evolved a bit.  We are tracking it for submission to SPDX here - - but as the license seems to be evolving, we are inclined to wait for your OSI process result and then review it for SPDX at that point. 

Can you confirm that the versioning (1.1 v. current 1.3) is merely iterations generated via the OSI process, and are not different versions being used in the wild?  It’d be good to know that for future review, as SPDX usually takes the view point of adding all versions of a license, if it has older versions, for completeness.

If/when the license looks like it’s going to be approved by the OSI, we’ll want to ensure that an SPDX identifier is determined by the SPDX team (and you) and that the OSI is informed as to that decision. So there’s a bit of coordinating on that aspect we’ll need to keep in mind.

Thanks and feel free to post any updates to the issue in Github.

SPDX legal team

On Aug 6, 2018, at 7:23 AM, Elmar Stellnberger <estellnb@...> wrote:

Full Name: Convertible Free Software License Version 1.1
Short Identifier: C-FSL v1.1
OSI approved: not yet
why we need this license:
While the BSD license allows the whole world to re-license and while re-licensing is virtually impossible with GPL since every contributor would need to consent the C-FSL license goes a practical intermediate way restricting the right to re-license to a group called the original authors. That way open source developers are not excluded from making business with others who want to base a proprietary product on the given piece of open source software.

P.S.: the license has already been checked by a lawyer from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for OSS-compliance.


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