meeting minutes and update for 3.4 release

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

Today’s meeting minutes have been posted here: 

We have resolved most of the 3.4 issues and PRs that we could. I’ve also gone through and tagged things as appropriate for other things we didn’t get to. We’ll prioritize some of those in January.

Most notably, Alan Tse has develop a “diff tool” for license text and published it as a Chrome extension here: or full source code (it also works for Firefox) here: 
This tool will need to be moved to an LF account, so it’s not on Alan’s personal account, which Steve from the LF will help work on. We also agreed it will need a more specific name, pitch your ideas here: (Alan gets to decide!)

Thanks so much Alan for this awesome work and for sharing it so we can start using it now!


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