Re: use of SPDX identifiers by Western Digital

J Lovejoy

to be fair and not to take anything away from Alan’s effort, there is another “hardware company” that has been using SPDX identifiers in its open source software projects for a few years now :)

but, this is apropos timing, as we just recently started to discuss adding open hardware licenses to the SPDX License List and adjusting the Overview page to include open hardware (and open data) licenses in that description. I don’t think I got a chance to provide a further related update - I reached out to Michael Weinberg from the Open Source Hardware Association to discuss where OSHA and SPDX might align along the lines of my suggestion on this email thread about use of short identifiers.  Michael is now on this mailing list and we identified some next steps for collaboration.

I had wanted to have time to start working on that, but a single issue has now soaked up all of my SPDX time the last couple weeks. So, hope to get back on that work soon!



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Alan, you’re setting a high bar for the rest of us hardware vendors.
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Subject: use of SPDX identifiers by Western Digital
Just spotted another project using SPDX identifiers in source file: Western Digital appears to be using them in their newly-released Open Source RISC-V SweRV Instruction Set Simulator
Presumptive thanks to SPDX legal team member, Alan Tse!!
- Jilayne

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