call tomorrow / 3.4 release work to be done

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

We are not in what should be the final days of prep for the next release.  Looking over the list of issues tagged for 3.4, I’m not sure we’ll realistically get them all over the line, but we will focus on the remaining issues and what we can close out in the next week to prepare for the release.  

There has been a fair amount of traffic on the mailing list recently, mostly around one issue.  However, the SPDX License List release is not based on a single issue and needs the collective work of the community to get completed. 

To that end, please review the list of issues here:  

A few notes on some of these and we need volunteers to pick these up:
  1. #729 - additional optional text in MIT - I actually already merged this, but wanted to draw attention to it in case any of the lawyer disagreed :)
  2. #717 - new license: SATA - no response from author on question - my inclination is to hold this to the next release and if we still haven’t heard from the author, then close as non-decision due to lack of response
  3. #709 - other releases of copyleft-next - I think Steve has added one - are there more? What else needs to be done here?
  4. #692 - can someone take the task to see where this is in terms of the OSI review? We were waiting to see if the license ended up changing as a result of that process
  5. #670 - same comment as #692
  6. #611 - new license: Froala - this is another one that we’ve been sitting on for some time. We’ve had 3 lawyers lean to not adding it for reasons in the issue comments. Let’s try to close this one out, it’s really old
  7. #686 - also needs more discussion, we probably need to dedicate some time to this, but let’s see where it’s at
  8. #680 - has to do with updating the contributing page, a PR is already up for review - I think it’s been reviewed already and can be merged, but please have a quick look
  9. #655 - kernel enforcement statement - heavy and hotly debated traffic on this currently going on. I don’t think we can comfortably close this out for this release. Considering we generated an entire call to this last time, the discussion can continue on the mailing list and tomorrow’s call will not address this, as we need to focus on other things.
  10. #714 - GPL Cooperation Commitment - also still being discussed on mailing list, including how to best implement, may need more discussion
  11. #646 - Google patent grant - still no movement here, need input from Google
  12. #668 - revise description of “exceptions” part of license list - we did discuss this on Nov 29th call and seemed like everyone was actually ok with current description and no pressing need to change at the moment - close?


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