Re: Linux kernel enforcement statement discussion

Bradley M. Kuhn <bkuhn@...>

Michael Dolan wrote earlier today:
Where would you insert this to create correct SPDX data for Linux"? What
is the current "SPDX data for Linux" that is incorrect?
How do you describe the license of someone's copyrighted material who has
granted the KES additional permission using SPDX syntax without

Just a quick click-around tour of cregit (which you linked to earlier, Mike):

* Assuming cregit's accurate -- I found lots of code that I could lift
from there and label as "GPL-2.0-only WITH KES-Exception".

Adding some 15 minute shell scripting against Linux's Git tree showed:

* Many files that currently say: "SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0" at the
top, where both `git blame` and cregit report that most contributors
have actually licensed "WITH KES-Exception", not just GPL-2.0.

Does SPDX have a "threshold" of how much copyright must be licensed under a
specific exception before listing it? I've not heard of such a litmus test
before, but if one exists, please do share it.
Bradley M. Kuhn

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