GPL Cooperation Commitment variations

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

I know I just wrote in the minutes that this task was on Richard F, but I was too curious not to have a cursory look myself!

Attached is a compare of the project to corporate variant; and of the individual to project variant. The main difference seem to be:
- in the use of pronouns (I, We, name of coroporation) - easily accommodated with markup.
- likewise, the associated definition of We or the corporation name, or the absence of a definition for individual at the end
- likewise, lead-in text for the individual version clarifying it only applies to their sole copyright
- there is also an additional term that the corporate variant has about the ability to modify the commitment by posting a new edition - this is not included at all in the project or individual variants. I think this could be omitable in some way? if a cooperation did make a modified version, then it would not match

Interested to hear other thoughts. This will still need some expert markup attention!!


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