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Brad Edmondson

Different Brad here (for those just joining the SPDX discussion).

I'm also in favor of considering open source hardware licenses, and look forward to the discussion about guidelines.

Bradley, I'm also curious as to what is missing, in your view.

Thanks all,
Brad Edmondson

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On Wed, Oct 31, 2018, 18:22 J Lovejoy <opensource@... wrote:
Hi Bradley,

Are you referring to the remaining issue, as discussed here: ?

We did change the full names, as I think you raised (e.g., unproved and international). I believe the remaining issue has to do with other language translations? (a larger issue that impacts more than just CC licenses, to be fair)


On Oct 27, 2018, at 11:29 PM, Bradley M. Kuhn <bkuhn@...> wrote:

J Lovejoy wrote:
we already include all the CC licenses

While I'd love to see all the CC licenses included, they aren't. :) (Not
trying to open that discussion again -- just wanted to correct the typo
Jilayne made there.)
Bradley M. Kuhn

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