meeting tomorrow and other updates

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

We have our call tomorrow at 10am Mountain Time - REMINDER!!  I believe Europe has already ended daylight savings/put their clocks back, while here in the US we do that this coming weekend. This should mean the the meeting is an hour earlier for our friends on the other side of the Atlantic. But rather than trust me on that one - might want to check something like this:

Also: please note: we will NOT have a meeting on November 15th due to some schedule conflicts.  Please update your calendar accordingly.

3.3 is now released, in case you hadn’t already noticed.  I have also just made “release notes” - been meaning to do that for awhile… see: - I’m not really sure what release notes should look like or how much detail we want to include, so feedback on a somewhat set format is welcome (as in, make a pull request or comment there).

Agenda for meeting and other topics we need to sort out:

1) new license submission process: we now have some tooling but were in the process of testing before we update the process for submitting a request for a new license. To that end, I’ve added a few issues for the tooling, see: (the ones that start, “Submit New License”) - I think we ought to discuss the workflow, timing for switching to this, but also how to manage discussion on new license submissions: that is, should we push that all to Github comments or just email list? At the moment, it’s a bit of both, which is feeling a bit inefficient. 

2) tackle a few outstanding issues: please review before call and be ready to discuss

3) defining roles: in the past we had certain people who were responsible for certain tasks. While we sort of have that informally, I’d like to have a discussion as to how we can divvy up tasks / responsibilities better.  At the moment, I have a bit more time and am happy to lead the charge to get us more “caught up”, as I know I was a bit absent at times over the past couple years, but I can’t commit to this kind of time indefinitely :)  We need to consider a more well-rounded and sustainable model that also prevents issues from becoming stale. (ideally). If we don’t have time to discuss tomorrow, please think about this and we can start a thread here on thoughts to this end.


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