Re: New License/Exception Request: The Star And Thank Author License

J Lovejoy

That is a really good point, Matija.

Qiwihui - can you respond?

Are you the author of this license?


On Oct 25, 2018, at 4:54 AM, Matija ?uklje <matija@...> wrote:

On petek, 19. oktober 2018 08:08:09 CEST qiwihui wrote:
The basic idea is, whenever using a project using SATA license,
people shall star/like/+1 that project and thank the author.
…this brings up so many questions in me.

Would I really not be allowed to use the software, if I don’t +1
it? What’s next – “leave a favourable five-star review as a
condition for you to be able to use it”?

What about if where I got the package from, it doesn’t allow for
star/like/+1 (e.g. my Linux distro)?

What about if I fork their repository – should the stars/likes/+1s
and thanks now go to me and/or how do I forward them to their
rightful upstream owner?

I have no idea what this has to do in a (copyright) license…

Anyway, this is just a vanilla MIT with this “star and thank”
clause added. I think the project would be best served, if they
simply used MIT and put their plea for likes and thanks into the
README file.

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