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J Lovejoy

Hi Sally,

I don’t think we ever saw a response to the questions below, so I’m re-sending. Can you please provide an update?

SPDX legal co-lead

On Jul 12, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Brad Edmondson <brad.edmondson@...> wrote:

Thanks Sally, really interesting. I've created an issue here[1] where the SPDX legal team will assess the license, but in order to best make that assessment, we have a few questions in the meantime:

1. Can you point us to some examples of projects or works that are using this license? We try to represent open-source software as it is actually used "in the wild," so usage in a project is a requirement for being added to the SPDX License List.

2. Would it be possible for CAL to add a version number to this license? There may come a time where you wish to revise it and release an updated license text, and that is a lot more straightforward if you are going from CAL-1.0 to CAL-1.1 or CAL-2.0. We look to the license author to specify their versioning and to be transparent when changes are made to the text by bumping the version number.

3. Do you have any objection to our labeling and titling the license CAL instead of +CAL? The + character has a special meaning in SPDX license expressions, and is not allowed in SPDX IDs.

4. Please let us know what OSI says after its review. 

Thank you for your submission, and please check or follow the Github issue for progress on this license request.


Brad Edmondson
SPDX Legal Team Volunteer

On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 1:10 PM Sally Mindrebo <sally.mindrebo@...> wrote:
1) License Name: +CAL Software License
2) Short Identifier: +CAL
4) OSI Approval: Submitted and under review
5) Why the +CAL License?: There are no existing licenses that (1) expand a common law duty of care across the supply chains in which the copyrighted work is used and (2) provide victims of abuse by corporations with third-party beneficiary standing to enforce the copyright license. These two features are unique to the CAL license, which otherwise operates with the same legal logic as the GNU General Public License. Accordingly, this is a new special purpose license intended for users who would like to create copyrighted works that repair distorted and unjust market structures, in line with the ethics and values of certain copyright creators.

Sally Mindrebo
Lead Communications Designer, Corporate Accountability Lab
317.501.0544 | 205 W. Monroe St. Chicago, IL

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