Re: Introducing myself

J Lovejoy

I’ve just added an issue to consider adding the OHSW (as well as an open data) reference to our license inclusion guideline here:

We have a fair amount of topics to cover at the next couple upcoming meetings, but we can carry on this conversation here in the meantime, and I think it’s also fine to start submitting the licenses for consideration so they are in the queue. 


On Oct 23, 2018, at 6:58 PM, J. Simmons <jrs@...> wrote:

Welcome to SPDX-legal!  
Thanks!  Happy to be here.

Yes, it would be great to bring the open source hardware community into the fold. 
That was just what I was hoping to hear.  

Of course, we’d need to make sure we have the various open source hardware licenses on the SPDX License List first 
Yup, I am happy to submit one or two as test cases, I just wanted to give fair warning that hardware licenses were on their way before I tossed in what might have been wildly unexpected submissions.

I think it’d be useful but do wonder if our reliance on the OSD will be an appropriate guideline.
I think that is an important question.  Would the group be willing to entertain the idea of extending the guidelines to include the OHSW Definition when looking at OSHW licenses as a means of addressing that concern?

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