Re: New Exception Request: GPL Cooperation Commitment 1.0

Richard Fontana

I previously wrote, referring to

as Bradley Kuhn says in a comment to that issue, "drafted somewhat
differently and therefore presumably should be analyzed differently
so as not to conflate apples and oranges".
On further thought, there are actually more underlying similarities
than differences between these two exceptions. I believe it would be
productive for them to be considered and discussed at the same time.

Re-reading the GitHub issue, I remembered that this list had an
earlier thread about whether an SPDX identifier would be appropriate
for the commitment texts published by Red Hat and other companies at
the launch of what we now call the GPL Cooperation Commitment
initiative. Since that time, the GPL Cooperation Commitment has been
slightly expanded to include a form suitable for inclusion in source
trees, much as the Linux Kernel Enforcement Statement is included in
the kernel source tree.

Bradley, given that, what are your feelings on this at this point?
Would you be comfortable at this point considering them together?


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