license for schema related files

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

We discussed this on the Sept 20th call and recorded notes in the issue here: but I wanted to post on the mailing list to make sure everyone saw and has a chance to comment.

The question was about a license for various files related to the “back end” of the SPDX License List - especially now that the files used to maintain the license list contain more than just the text of the licenses and a spreadsheet list as was the case prior to 3.0


As per discussion on the Sept 20th call, it was decided that putting these both under CC0-1.0 would be more sensible and make the use of such files easier. 

In order to change the license, we need the permission of all copyright holders. The only people who have contributed to these files are Gary O’Neall and Trevor King - who have both provided their agreement with the license change already.  I have now prepared the PR here: and asked Gary and Trevor to review so we have all the info in one place.

I’d like to get this update for the 3.3 release for these two files: if anyone has a concern or issue with this, please raise it here before the next call, which is next Thursday, Oct 18th.

As for the XML files: we won’t put a license notice in those files for a number of reasons, but will prepare a notice to put in the directory to clarify re-use as to the extent there is copyrightable material. The lawyers on the SPDX legal team will work on this and some related collateral - this will take a bit longer and not be ready for the 3.3 release, obviously. 


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