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J Lovejoy

Hi Howard (and moving to SPDX-legal list),

We are just about ready to merge the three OGL licenses into the license list and wrap up the 3.3 release. But I want to do a final check on the full name and identifier first:

Short identifier: OGL-UK-1.0
I think this makes the most sense and is consistent with keeping the version number at the end of the identifier

I’m a bit more conflicted on the full name, which is, admittedly, less critical in the sense that it is generally not used for machine matching - we could go with one of three variations:
Open Government Licence v1.0
Open Government Licence (UK) v1.0
Open Government Licence v1.0 (UK) 

Do you have thoughts on this?  My inclination is that the second option would be consistent with the identifier and provide clarity when one is searching/looking at the SPDX License List, especially if other Open Government Licenses get added later. But it’s also not strictly necessary in light of the short identifier including “UK”. 

Also, can you explain what you mean by:
"(as long as that would not require us to open up the coding of the machine readable version to make that a change in quick time)”

Lastly, the abbreviation, “OGL”  and “OGLv2.0” is used in the license text itself in versions 2 and 3. If that was updated to reflect the SPDX identifier, we could simply accommodate that with markup indicating either would constitute a match. 


On Oct 4, 2018, at 6:33 AM, Davies, Howard <Howard.Davies@...> wrote:

Thank you for this. I don’t see there being any problem, from our point of view, with adding UK to the short identifier for SPDX listing (as long as that would not require us to open up the coding of the machine readable version to make that a change in quick time).
We are now on v3.0 of the OGL – the previous versions 1.0 and 2.0 are all still effective as the OGL is a perpetual licence, so they must persist for older material licensed under them. So there is no issue with versions 1.0 and 2.0 being added to the list, with suitable UK addition to the short identifier. There is also a Welsh language version of the OGL – would you require details of that? (it is just a translation, the terms are identical apart from Welsh instead of English).
What else would you need from us to get this moving forwards?
Many thanks
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Hi Howard,
I did see your previous email on the SPDX-legal mailing list, but hadn’t gotten a chance to respond yet.
I think you are correct that it was not someone from your organization who submitted it originally. I think we went back to that person with questions, but never got a response so it languished. We did log it in the Issues list in the current Github repo, when we moved to tracking things there (see: ) and more recently, in an attempt to clean up some of these old issues and made the decision to add the license, all versions to be consistent with our habit of adding all versions of a license, when it has multiple versions.
We are in the midst of the next release for the SPDX License List and would like to get the OGL in there for that, but one concern that came up was the identifier of “OGL-1.0” - particularly, “OGL” part - as someone found other government licenses with the same name. We can’t have duplicate short identifiers so it was suggested to add “UK” in the short identifier to avoid issues later if another government submitted their open license.  Do you have any thoughts or input on this issue?
SPDX legal co-lead

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