Re: Removing the Appendix from the canonical Apache 2.0 license

Philippe Ombredanne

On Sun, Oct 7, 2018 at 9:15 PM Hen <flamefew@...> wrote:
Hi SPDX folk,
Over at Apache, I'm looking to remove the "How to apply" Appendix from the canonical Apache 2.0 text and instead move that content to a FAQ.
I see this came up a few years ago ( ) and it sounds like this won't affect SPDX, but I wanted to let you know first before charging on and making the change.
My thinking is to change the primary text, then send a note around to Apache projects to encourage them to do the same over time. I imagine it will take years before it's the norm not to have it, but that doesn't stop it being a good thing to do.
This section of the reference text is often enough customized by
projects (including Apache's own projects) leading to quite a few too
many variants of full license text in the wild so I am all for it.

Would this shortened text then be called an Apache 2.1 license? ;)

Philippe Ombredanne

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