SPDX license XML tools integrated and available for testing

Gary O'Neall

Thanks to Rohit, Tushar and Galo, the SPDX license list online tools have now been integrated and deployed at https://spdxtools.sourceauditor.com


I’m sure we will find some areas for improvement in the tools and our workflow, and perhaps a few bugs – so be patient when trying it out.  If you find a bug or a suggested improvement, add an issue at https://github.com/spdx/spdx-online-tools/issues after checking that the issue doesn’t already exist.


Once we have had a chance to try it out and we think it is “good enough” for people outside the SPDX community to use, we’ll move it to a more production-oriented server and give it a proper URL (e.g. spdxtools.spdx.org).


I created a Google Doc with what I believe to be a reasonable workflow for submitting new license requests: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S6nRuSD_KyprDaDGjTRg-kTAy-Cj42xbhT88aRU4Ssw/edit?usp=sharing


I would encourage you to try it out.  If you try submitting a new license, please mark the license name in a way we know to ignore it – it will show up in the github repository issues.





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