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Thanks very much Jilayne.


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Hello Matt,


SPDX does not approve or certify licenses as “OSS compliant”.  You might be thinking of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) which maintains the Open Source Definition and reviews licenses that are submitted to them based on that criteria. To see more, go to:  


Or you might be thinking of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) which has a list of licenses that they consider to be free, which is maintained here:


The SPDX License List reflects whether as license has been OSI-approved and whether the FSF considers a license to be free/libre but SPDX does not make these determinations. 


If you want to submit a license to be included on the SPDX License List, please follow the instructions here:

I believe that Elmar, whom I see you copied here, has already done this, but that has yet to been responded to - let me make sure this gets dealt with. Someone else just sent an email asking about this license as well, so I got confused by the different people asking and some not being on the mailing list, so emails getting caught up by that. 









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On Sep 12, 2018, at 7:12 AM, Buranosky, Matthew <buranosky.matthew@...> wrote:


Good morning,


I would like someone to let me know whether the attached C-FSL license is acknowledged as OSS compliant. Thanks very much.





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