Re: Proposal for a generic new exception for OpenSSL

James Bottomley

On Fri, 2018-08-10 at 16:08 +0200, Matija ?uklje wrote:
Dne četrtek, 09. avgust 2018 ob 02:46:21 CEST je James Bottomley 
Most of the alternative formulations go for wordier versions, but I
think brevity is better.
I have pondered on this for longer than I thought I would, but don’t 
have a proposal I would be happy with yet.
Thanks for thinking about it. I was hoping the problem of finding a
generic way of putting it would appeal to someone.

Would you mind sharing which others versions you found? Can also be
off- list, if preferred.
Sure, this is the last one I did for the secure boot tools:

This is what GNU did for wget. They really didn't want it in their
licence, so the COPYING file is an unmodified GPL-3.0+ licence and the
exception is placed into every file, e.g:

Stunnel has this:

Dejacode (a sort of SPDX look alike) has one from Tideslash:

One of the Linux Distros actually collected a couple of standard forms
(but they look very similar to the wget ones):

Trolltech has an elaborate exception clause for Qt:

And, of course, SPDX codifies the openvpn one:

These are just the handful I turned up the last time I had to write an
OpenSSL exception.


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