Re: license XML editor available to try out

J Lovejoy

Hi all,


I just gave the XML editor a test run – using the Sendmail license differences - adding alt tags - as a test run. This way, maybe we can use this PR, instead of deleting 😉


First observation: edited in split view – very helpful hints for adding tags – good

Then Validated – passed, yeah!

Then Generated Diff – this view is a bit off as it doesn’t really show the diff and also seemed to not wrap or re-size for my 13” laptop screen, here’s a screenshot:


Not sure this is critical – can’t one see a diff in Github, once PR is made? We’ll get to that…

Then hit Submit Changes – got sort of confusing warning text pop-up about having to Submit again…

And then this screen:


Is that right?  I authorized Gary… I’m not sure what that means or if I’ll regret that, but I’ve known Gary a long time, so hopefully it will be okay…

I then had to login in to Github and then was sent back to the XML editor text view – nothing new in SPDX Github repo

Hit Submit again (b/c that is what the pop-up told me to do)

Got this:


Kind of weird to enter the filename, when I was editing an existing file? I checked and entered same filename…

It then said I successfully created a Pull Request – let’s check – and there it is!

Unfortunately the Github diff, just shows the whole file as different. Hmmm… something to discuss as to functionality of the diff in the tool perhaps?


That’s all from me for now!




From: SPDX-Legal <Spdx-legal@...> on behalf of Gary O'Neall <gary@...>
Date: Friday, August 3, 2018 at 11:07 PM
To: SPDX-Legal <spdx-legal@...>
Cc: 'Tushar Mittal' <chiragmittal.mittal@...>
Subject: license XML editor available to try out


SPDX Legal Team:


Tushar has made some really good progress on the XML editor.


The SPDX tools has been updated on the SPDX tools website:


Please try out the XML editor.  Note that if you create a pull request, it will show up in the SPDX license list – so please add a title and description indicating this is a test and I will close any of the PR’s created during testing.


If you have any suggested improvements or issues, please log them in the SPDX tools issues list:





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