Re: Change use of SPDX *-Identifier tags in and Linux kernel best practices?

Jonas Oberg <jonas@...>

Your analysis is correct. We used Valid- to avoid confusion, and to make clear REUSE/Linux kernel use of it was an addition to SPDX, not SPDX in itself.
The exception identifier was left as the meaning was not elsewhere defined. I'd be fine to change it too to Valid- for consistency.


On August 1, 2018 2:21:41 PM UTC, "Matija Šuklje" <matija@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I’m currently battling figuring out how to integrate SPDX through and am at a stage of severe head-scratching¹. I am
CC’ing Jonas
(FSFE, REUSE), in case he is not actively following this list.

While I am referring to REUSE.software² here, the situation is near
in the Linux kernel licensing rules³. refers to the following tags:

• ‘Valid-License-Identifier’ to tag the actual *text of* a license
‘License-Text’ to include a copy of its text)
• ‘SPDX-Exception-Identifier’ to tag the actual *text of* an exception
‘Exception-Text’ to include a copy of its text)

Now, I searched the SPDX Specifications 2.1⁴ and I could not find

What I did find is the ‘SPDX-License-Identifier’, which we all know and
and is used to tag the governing license of a work/file/part. This tag
also include an ‘exception-id’ of course in the form of “‘license-id’

The issue I have with this is the inconsistency and therefore potential

confusion. Namely: On face value ‘SPDX-Exception-Identifier’ and ’SPDX-
License-Identifier’ seem to be part of one spec and
of another; but the truth is that the first and the last are of one
and the middle is in fact the one with a different origin.

It seems as if initially the SPDX tags ’SPDX-License-Identifier’ and
Exception-Identifier’ were used, but then the former changed to ‘Valid-
License-Identifier’ in order to avoid confusion. But the exception tag
left unchanged, as it did not clash directly with SPDX specs, which
brings us
to this mess.

Would it be possible to change the ’SPDX-Exception-Identifier’ to
Exception-Identifier’ in the Linux kernel and best
practices? I
know that this is not an SPDX question directly, but I am pretty sure
involved with both projects are here as well and it is paramount to not
SPDX specs while finding a solution.

Matija Šuklje

1 I don’t need a doctor, just your guidance here ;)

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