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Philippe Ombredanne

good catch, though even printable may be too generous. A colon is
printable and not a supported in a Windows file name for instance.

We could/should more simply list the allowed characters and be very specific.
Here is my suggestion:

Allowed characters are ASCII:
- Lower and upper case letters from A to Z.
- Numbers from 0 to 9
- Dash '-', underscore '_', period '.' and plus '+'

- An ID first character must be a letter or number.
- Ignoring case, an ID is guaranteed to be unique forever within any
published SPDX license lists.

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My only comment would be to change “ASCII characters” to “ASCII printable

Looking at the Overview page, it needs a little care:

It documents “Is OSI approved?” but not “Is FSF Free/Libre?”
It references the “spreadsheet” in a couple of places

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Hi all,

As discussed on the call today (related to Issue ), we will add an explicit
statement regarding not duplicating identifiers in the explanation of fields
on the Overview page for the license list:

I had the task to suggest some additional language, including discussion
about character type. The relevant text is as follows, with proposed
changes in red:

B) License or Exception Identifier (aka "SPDX Short Identifier")

• Short identifier to be used to identify a license or
exception match to licenses or exceptions contained on the SPDX License List
in the context of an SPDX file, in source file, or elsewhere

• Short identifiers have no spaces in them and only use ASCII

• Short identifiers consist of an abbreviation based on a
common short name or acronym for the license or exception

• Where applicable, the abbreviation will be followed by a
dash and then the version number, in X.Y format

• Where applicable, and if possible, the short identifier
should be harmonized with other well-known open source naming sources (i.e.,
OSI, Fedora, etc.)

• Short identifiers should be as short in length as possible
while staying consistent with all other naming criteria

• Short identifiers must not be duplicative: newly added
short identifiers will be checked to ensure they are different from all
pre-existing short identifiers, regardless of upper/lower case

Let me know your thoughts,


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Philippe Ombredanne

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