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Tushar Mittal <chiragmittal.mittal@...> writes:

Hello Everyone,

I had some queries regarding the XML Editor:
I do not understand a reference to 'the XML Editor' there are many XML
editors out there. Each may have similar properties to others, but to
suggest a single XML Editor is not useful.

* Apple Xcode

* EditX

* GNU Emacs

* Oxygen XML Editor

* XML Notepad 2007


I am sure that your favorite search engine will find more
if you search for "xml editors free download" or use similar
search terms.

I like GNU Emacs best, but then I have used it for a very long time.
There is also an xml.vim plugin for the Vim editor as well as xmledit
a filetype plugin to help edit XML files.

*1. *Should the editor be able to render invalid XML documents also?
An editor needs to be able to edit. This implies being able to display
even bad input so that it may be corrected.

*2. *For every XML file that a user edits should a unique link be generated
so that he can edit it later? (but then if anyone else gets the link we
might be also able to edit the same document)
No. Why would you ever want something like that?

I have edited thousands of XML files over the last few years, I have no
desire to live with thousdands of unique links littering my workspace. I
have no idea how I would be able to remember what each was for in any case.

*3. *Should the user be able to edit only SPDX license XML files or any
kind of XML file?
I currently edit around twenty-ish separate kinds of XML files on a
periodic basis. They do not share schema or XML Validators. I have
no desire to have a single purpose editor in my toolkit.

If SPDX goes that route, it will fail as a data abstraction type.

Please, can you help me out with your suggestions?
Be sure to edit and do not save unless the editor says that the XML file
is in a self-consistent and valid state?

Also can you please tell me which XML editors are you currently using so
that I can take inspiration from it.
GNU Emacs nXML-mode works well for me when I edit most kinds of XML
files. Yes, it will tell me when my text is not yet valid XML. The point
of editing it is to make changes and sometimes transitional states are
not yet consistent.

I have also used Apple Xcode for editing plists (Property Lists are XML
too they just use Apple's DTD for plist files from
-//Apple Computer/DTD PLIST 1.0//EN).

Mark D. Baushke
Security, from Chip to Cloud

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