Re: 3.1 release

Mark D. Baushke <mdb@...>

Alexios makes a good point.

An alternative would be to use an ISO 8601 to express time.

Version: 3.0 published on 2017-12-28

Version: 3.0 of 2017-12-28

I will also note that if you do no like the International Standard
Organization's view of time, you could choose a very exposed commercial
package methods of encoding time. For example, SAS. It allows you to
express time in many formats.

B8601DA8. == Basic ISO 8601 yyyymmdd 20171228
E8601DA10. == Extended ISO 8601 yyyy-mm-dd 2017-12-28
DATE9. == ddMMMyyyy 28DEC2017
DATE11. == dd-MMM-yyyy 28-DEC-2017

However, SAS do not generally encode any date field in "dd month yyyy"

-- Mark

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