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Philippe Ombredanne


On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 3:22 PM, <gary@...> wrote:
It turns out we do maintain archived license lists, it just isn't very
well documented or publicized.

There are also some formatting issues since older versions reference
some content which either isn't included in the archive or is not
longer in the same location online.

Archived versions can be found at:[version]/


We also produce a preview website before publication at The preview availability is
typically published to the SPDX legal distribution list.
As usual, you rock!
So may be one small thing that would go a very long way would be to:

1. create a page that has links to the older versions of the LL page
2. link this "archives" page from the current LL version
3. link the previous version too
4. as a bonus possibly link the preview next when this is published
and mostly ready before we switch over to final

These links could be on the same line as the line that says:
"Version: 3.0 28 December 2017"

Something like :
Current Version: 3.0 28 December 2017 - (previous version, versions
archive, next version preview, )

What do you think?

Philippe Ombredanne

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