Re: 3.1 release

Philippe Ombredanne

On Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 12:22 PM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:
I’m trying to get things nailed down for Gary to do the 3.1 release by end
of next week.
A few outstanding things that could go either way (resolved now via email
and included / or pushed to 3.2) - can I please get some input on these:
One important thing (to me) that I am not sure I brought up yet:

We are pushing new versions of the license lists but we are NOT
keeping online the previous versions. They are only in git repos.
I think it would help a lot adopters to have all the versions (at
least starting with 2.6 and up) available online on the license list
web page(s).

This way users can point to the proper version of the list and
licenses and update to use new versions of the list at their own pace.
This would alleviate a lot of confusion or frustration that the V3.0
list did generate in the community when the A/L/GPL-X.X ids became
It could also make sense as a further refinement to publish a preview
of a new version list for comments/heads up before it becomes the

All these would be to help users avoid surprises and possible confusion.
Philippe Ombredanne

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