Re: Jilayne Lovejoy invited you to “SPDX tech/legal call”.

W. Trevor King

On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 02:56:00PM +0000, Jilayne Lovejoy wrote:
DESCRIPTION:Web conference:\n Optional
dial in number: 415-881-1586\n No PIN needed
SUMMARY:SPDX tech/legal call
Instead of creating a new event for this joint session, folks who have
imported the legal-team meeting may find it more convenient if we add
the new time to an existing, recurring legal-team meeting. RFC 5545
provides RDATE for that [1], and an update to drop Thanksgiving and
add the 21st to the legal-team meeting looks like [2].

On the other hand, importing a new, one-off meeting from email isn't
that hard either, so perhaps an RDATE entry is over engineered ;).



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