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Wayne Beaton

For entertainment purposes, here's what I'm currently using for a project.

(EPL-2.0 OR (LicenseRef-GPL-2.0-with-Assembly-exception OR GPL-2.0 with Classpath-exception-2.0)) OR Apache-2.0

I threw in the extra grouping because it felt like they needed to be together. I don't think that the grouping is meaningful in SPDX syntax.

I'm pretty sure that I got the LicenseRef right. I trust that somebody will let me know if otherwise.


On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 4:26 PM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:
Thanks Philippe - that was my understanding from reading the previous thread, but I wanted to be sure.

and yes, I agree - one exception to deal with this seems the best way to go, especially if the “assembly exception” is not used by itself.  I also agree having multiple “with” operators could get really confusing and I don’t see a need for that generally. I don’t think we want to alter the license expression syntax for one-off cases.

Can you point to the text precisely so we can work on adding it?

Unless Wayne has any objection, I’m happy to put in a request to add it ;)


> On Oct 2, 2017, at 2:15 PM, Philippe Ombredanne <pombredanne@...> wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 12:50 PM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:
>> I’m not sure if it needs to be added alone or if the combination with the
>> class path exception is such that they are used together and so we ought to
>> treat it as one exception.  but that is another consideration (which someone
>> else already noticed)
> Jilayne:
> Here are my 2 cents:
> - the text of the “assembly exception” is specific to the OpenJDK and
> derivatives: this code is used widely but there are very few projects
> that can use this licensing because of its specificity.
> - the “assembly exception” text and the designated modules list refers
> to the classpath exception and I do not know of any case of "assembly
> exception" texts and designated modules list used without a reference
> to the classpath exception so far.
> - Wayne suggested to introduce a new "with assembly with classpath"
> expression syntax to deal with the “assembly exception” and "classpath
> exception" cases.
> Instead, the way I am handling this for now to detect licensing
> properly in ScanCode is with a new "openjdk-exception" key that has
> the combined text of the classpath-exception-2.0 and the "assembly
> exception"
> The benefits are that there is no need to deal with any new "with
> with" expression syntax and I think it captures well the cases where
> the classpath exception is used alone or used with the assembly
> exception (e.g. as "openjdk-exception") and this avoids to create a
> special case for this.
> --
> Cordially
> Philippe Ombredanne

Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
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