Re: [v2] New license proposal: GNUVerbatim

Philippe Ombredanne

On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 2:22 PM, W. Trevor King <wking@...> wrote:
Discussion spawned by my v1 Verbatim proposal [1] seems to have died
down, so here's a v2. Changes since v1:

* Renamed from ‘Verbatim’ to ‘GNUVerbatim’ to allow for other verbatim
names in the future (e.g. if someone wants to register [2] as
GNUVerbatimWeb [3] or wants to register non-GNU verbatim license).
* Suggested <alt> tags to match the wording used by the GNU CC General
Public License [4,5] or non-license documents.

# Motivation

The GPL family of licenses (e.g. [6]) and some other documents
(e.g. [7]) are licensed under a verbatim license (canonical text
attached). The GNU CC General Public License (1988) was also released
under very similar language [4]. I propose we add this license with
markup like:

…copies of this <alt name="doc" match="license|document|license
document">license document</alt>, but …

so we can express all of those closely related licenses with the
GNUVerbatim short ID without resorting to custom LicenseRef-*.
Is this a joke or are you seriously suggesting that you want to track
the license of licenses?
Would there not be a risk of infinite recursion!?
e.g. your GNUVerbatim license license should be what then? GNUVerbatimVerbatim?
or would it instead self-reference itself in some strange loop?
Philippe Ombredanne

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