Re: License checking tool available

Philippe Ombredanne

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 6:46 PM, <gary@...> wrote:
An online tool for checking license text against the SPDX license list is
now available at The URL redirects to a server
generously provided by the Openchain project team.

The tool basically compares the text to all SPDX listed licenses using the
license matching guidelines. If a license does not completely match per the
guidelines, it will not e displayed. This is quite different from many
other tools that report close matches where only a few words may be

There are a few limitations. The software uses the templates in the listed
license for the currently published version. In the currently published
version, there are several licenses with limited or no template markup (e.g.
the MIT license). For these licenses, the text will only match if all of
the text is present. If you believe text should match the license, take a
look at the license list web page for that license and review for red text
(replaceable) and blue text (omitable).
I tried to paste the verbatim text of
and its is not matched
Do you think this a code or a matching guidelines issue?
Philippe Ombredanne

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