Re: [PATCH] Fix typo where the name SUN was split across two lines.

Mark D. Baushke <mdb@...>

Hi Brad,

As no documentation (other than searching the mailing list archive) on
the site seems to point to github right now, I think it would
be best if someone could fix sooner than later.

I would very much like to see both typos you mention fixed.


Are we to assume that all of these are using an encodeing="ISO8859-1"

I am uncertain if there is any instanes of Unicode 'COPYRIGHT SIGN'
(U+00A9) being encoded as either hex (0xc2, 0xa9) or just hex (0xa9) as
I have found in some source files. (I already expect to see it as (c),
(C), and &copy; in various files...)

-- Mark

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