Re: [PATCH] Fix typo where the name SUN was split across two lines.

Brad Edmondson

Issues here:

typo in BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-License.txt

typo in BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-License-2014.txt


Brad Edmondson, Esq.
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On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 12:37 PM, Brad Edmondson <brad.edmondson@...> wrote:
Thanks very much Mark for pointing out these issues and supplying a patch.

We are in the middle of a transition from the git repo on to github, so there will soon be an easy way to create a pull request for things like this. However, the BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-License was added to the license list after the initial migration of existing licenses into the github repo. 

Can Gary or Kris or someone else with more developer experience weigh in on whether we should (a) do a true-up at the end of the SPDX legal license review project or (b) import newly accepted licenses into the GH repo one by one? As it stands I can pull things into GH but I do not have edit rights on the existing git repository, so I could correct this in a PR on GH but not in the existing text on

I also noticed a typo on line 2 of BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-License-2014.txt which should be subject to a similar fix: either fix now in and true-up GH later, or pull into GH and correct now. What do we all think about those options?


PS - I'll open GH issues for these so we don't forget them. That should be helpful regardless of which update path we choose.

Brad Edmondson, Esq.
512-673-8782 | brad.edmondson@...

On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 11:12 AM, Mark Baushke <mdb@...> wrote:
Please pardon if this is the incorrect mailing list for patches to existing
license files.

For your consideration, the following is a suggested patch to the BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-License.txt
file to make the name SUN appear on one line instead of being split
across two lines.

Note: I would suggest that the files in the git repository use a
canonical line ending for all of the files. Some files have \r\n
and some have \n only. Please be consistent where text may
be intended to be machine readable.

        -- Mark

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