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J Lovejoy

Hi Steven,

We discussed this request on our call today and are a bit confused as to what you are requesting.  We observed the following changes, along with how we propose to deal with them.  Please let us know if this is right, and if you have any other information to add as to changes in the licenses, etc. has two licenses included: 
Unicode Terms of Use
Unicode, Inc. License Agreement - Data Files and Software

The Unicode Terms of Use (Unicode-TOU) are already included on the SPDX License List:
We noticed that there are recent (2016?) minor changes, namely the word “and” was added to A.3. and “Exhibit 1” was replaced with “License” and links to the license below.
We don’t deem these changes a requiring a new license, but would accommodate them with template markup.
- Does that sound okay to you?

We also noticed that we did not have Unicode, Inc. License Agreement - Data Files and Software on the SPDX License List. And that this license has changed (as of 2016) by dropping clause c.  
This change is significant and thus, we think we should add both the previous version (with clause c) and the current version (with clause c removed). To add these two versions, we need to come up with short identifiers to distinguish them, we have proposed the following:

Do you know if these are the only variations/versions? It would be helpful if Unicode versioned the licenses, but it does not appear to have done so and instead the website is merely updated, which is a bit hard to track.  This is why we simply used the year in the short identifier.  
Also, if you have a better suggestion for the short identifiers, that is welcome.


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

On Jul 27, 2016, at 3:07 PM, Steven R. Loomis <srl295@...> wrote:

Hello, - this license has a revision.

Short name: Unicode-TOU

Please note that the Unicode-TOU has been revved, see – the ICU project is now under Unicode, and so ICU is now under Unicode-TOU and not under ICU 

Example use:
ICU website: link “open source license”

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