Re: add markup to Plexus and TCL?

J Lovejoy

Hi Alexios,

The markup to Plexus was added for the new release (v2.3) of the SPDX License List.  You can see it (indicated by the red text on the HTML page) here: and of course the .txt file with the actual markup is in Git.

That should cover the other examples you mention, but feel free to test the matching guidelines and markup and provide feedback!

I agree on the name, but not worth breaking consistency for purposes of “aesthetics” :)


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On Jan 7, 2016, at 5:16 AM, Zavras, Alexios <alexios.zavras@...> wrote:

Hi all, happy new year!
Just wanted to make sure the first item below is not forgotten.
I have seen the “same” text (with different names for attribution requirements) at:
-          jCharts, e.g.
Ideally, this would be called “Codehaus license”, but I understand the need for keeping names consistent.
-- zvr
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Hi All,
I’d like to recommend that we add markup around the names in Plexus - dom4j uses the same license, but for the names and this is a common project, so it would make sense to be able to match on the substantive text, instead of using a LicenseRef for dom4j.  
Also, I noticed that the text we have for TCL - is not exactly the same as is on the website:  I have not done a precise comparison, but it appears the only difference is in the names at the top and could probably be “fixed” by adding some markup.

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