Re: add markup to Plexus and TCL?

Alexios Zavras

Hi all, happy new year!


Just wanted to make sure the first item below is not forgotten.

I have seen the “same” text (with different names for attribution requirements) at:

-          Dom4j, e.g.

-          Jaxen, e.g.

-          jCharts, e.g.


Ideally, this would be called “Codehaus license”, but I understand the need for keeping names consistent.


-- zvr


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Hi All,


I’d like to recommend that we add markup around the names in Plexus - dom4j uses the same license, but for the names and this is a common project, so it would make sense to be able to match on the substantive text, instead of using a LicenseRef for dom4j.  



Also, I noticed that the text we have for TCL - is not exactly the same as is on the website:  I have not done a precise comparison, but it appears the only difference is in the names at the top and could probably be “fixed” by adding some markup.





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