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J Lovejoy

Thanks for this, Brad.  I’ll make a note to add this to the general topic and proposal in the New Year!


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On Dec 10, 2015, at 12:12 PM, Brad Edmondson <brad.edmondson@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm mostly a lurker on these SPDX calls so far, but I'm very interested in the chance to move to (or at least make more use of) github in 2016, which was mentioned as a potential goal on today's call. I'm not an excellent coder, but I know enough (and have enough experience with github) to be useful/dangerous if we go down this road.

Also on today's call, we wondered about the desirability and availability of issue templates for github issues, and it looks like we aren't the first to think this would be helpful. There is a github project to support this here:

And there is a running instance, which claims to have several repositories on-board (including angular.js -- though they don't seem to mention it here) here:

We could potentially leverage this project, or at least the best practices developed by established github projects, on getting good data from the community into github issues.


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