meeting today

J Lovejoy

Hi All,

We have a meeting today at 1pm ET, our last for 2015! As such, we will
focus on tying up any loose ends for the v2.3 release of the SPDX
License List, which will occur at the end of the month.

Meeting minutes from last call have been posted here:

Agenda for today:
1) v2.3 items:
- do we need matching guidelines markup for the new licenses added on
the last call?

- Open Game License is marked as "on hold" - do we have a reason for

- Sam Ellis' request to add this as an exception: and
as compared to Linus' note re: derived work in kernel (Oliver pointed
out) - are these exceptions or clarifications of the interpretation of
the license itself? Either way, how does SPDX want to handle them?

- add markup to TCL? (from email on this): is not exactly the same as is on the
website: I have not done a
precise comparison, but it appears the only difference is in the names at
the top and could probably be “fixed” by adding some markup.
I have done a diff and the *only* difference is just in “ActiveState
corporation” being added in the list of copyright holders/parties.
- add markup to Plexus?
I’d like to recommend that we add markup around the names in Plexus - dom4j uses the same license, but for the names and this is a common >project, so it would make sense to be able to match on the substantive text, instead of using a LicenseRef for dom4j.
See dom4j license here:
- any other licenses or exceptions to add or other work to be done for
v2.3 release?

- JSON file format for SPDX proposal - did this get done? any more info

2) Schedule:
- no call on Dec 24th - next call will be Jan 7th
- is there any desire to change the call time for 2016? (would an hour
earlier help those in Europe?)

3) What do we want to accomplish in 2016?
- start thinking about initiatives for 2016 to bring to
discussion/planning on Jan 7th!

SPDX Legal co-lead

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