Re: Request new license list exception: SW-only-exception.

J Lovejoy

Hmmm… I could almost see this being added as a new license altogether or and exception (to BSD-3-Clause).  Anyone have strong feelings on whether it should be one or the other?


On Nov 25, 2015, at 6:59 PM, Sam Ellis <Sam.Ellis@...> wrote:

I’d like to ask for a new license exception to be considered for addition to the SPDX license list.
The exception text is:
The license below extends only to copyright in the software and shall
not be construed as granting a license to any other intellectual
property including but not limited to intellectual property relating
to a hardware implementation of the functionality of the software
licensed hereunder.  You may use the software subject to the license
terms below provided that you ensure that this notice is replicated
unmodified and in its entirety in all distributions of the software,
modified or unmodified, in source code or in binary form.
This is usually found prefixed in front of a BSD license. It is found extensively in the gem5 open source project, and here is an example of use:
As for a possible names, how about “SW-only-exception” short form, and “Software-Only Exception” full form?
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