New OSI-approved licenses

Richard Fontana <fontana@...>

Greetings spdx-legal,

The OSI recently approved three licenses as Open Source:

1) eCos License version 2.0 (under the 'Legacy Approval' process)
Text of approved license contained within:

Note that the interesting part of this license is identical to

2) Free Public License 1.0.0
Text of approved license contained within:

3) OSET Foundation Public License version 2.1
We don't quite have a canonical license document here yet (the license
that was approved was a conceptually-typo-corrected version of a
redline document).

Anyway I would like to request the SPDX group consider creating
license names and identifiers for these. If this is a chicken-and-egg
problem (i.e. if the OSI needs to officially post these license texts
on its website before the SPDX group will consider such a request) let
me know.

Also I am curious whether the SPDX group considers this necessary for
the case of the eCos License given the existence of a name and
identifier for the exception portion.


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