Re: Is "+" a valid character of a LicenseRef idstring?

David A. Wheeler

Schuberth, Sebastian <sebastian.schuberth@...> wrote:

Using a + is a whart. Licenses that allow the use of other versions do so explicitly in their texts, the GPL being the most prominent but the EPL comes to mind too. So there is no such thing as GPL-2.0 or another version: these are the plain default GPL terms.
The issue is how the software is licensed, not what the text of the GPL (or anything else) is. The use of "+" to mean "or later" is a long-standing convention preceding SPDX.

Essentially GPL-2.0 and GPL-2.0+ mean exactly the same the thing.
No, there's a need to distinguish between "exactly this version" or "this version of later". Some software, such as the Linux kernel, are GPL version 2.0 only.

--- David A. Wheeler

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