joint legal-tech call Thursday!!

J Lovejoy

Hi Legal and Tech teams,

This is a reminder that the usual time for the biweekly legal call on Thursday will be a joint call with the legal and tech teams to discuss the proposal for changing the markup used for license matching. Please review the proposal posted to both mailing lists by Kris and the related responses before the call. (proposal can also be found here: (and background information can be found here:

The dial-in details are as follows:
Thursday, Oct 29 @ 10:00AM Pacific, 11:00AM Mountain, 12:00 Central, 1:00PM Eastern, 17:00 GMT, 18:00 CET

NOTE: The UK and Europe have already set their clocks back, while the US does not do so until this weekend.

Call this number: (United States): +1-857-216-2871 
Via web or International: visit the URL at
User PIN: 38633 

(Legal team - there are a number of new license requests that have been logged - we will address these on the next “normal” legal call on Nov 12th)


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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