Re: SPDX Legal call this Thursday

Nuno Brito

3) License matching templates/markup:

We have a task to add markup to some of the standard headers and have
also had input to add/edit markup on existing licenses. As a result
of the latter, it has been raised that perhaps the markup could be
improved. Before adding more markup (to standard headers, license
text or both), it seemed prudent to start a discussion as to whether
the existing markup is effective. Please ponder the following

a) have you used the existing markup for matching purposes?

i) if no, why not?

Didn't use the markup. At the time haven't found documented the pattern keywords to find inside each license term. For example, one can find [xxxx]-[xxxx], [Owner Organization], <AUTHOR>. However, didn't seemed to be used consistently throughout the list of licenses. That was my opinion at that time, might certainly be proven erroneous.

If help is welcome, I can volunteer for normalizing the data for the complete list (top to bottom) and document the used keywords. However, for our own tooling usage as template I'd replace the text on some specific license terms so that we could later generate new licence docs where only the copyright holder changes.

Such example would be where: "Universidad de Palermo, Argentina" ('" becomes "<AUTHOR>".

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