Re: [Bug 1302] Apache 2.0 license text includes appendix

J Lovejoy

Thanks, Kris. Would Aug 6th work for you? Here is the info for the meeting:
and for joining the Legal mailing list as well:

(I’ve copied SPDX-legal here as well, so others will be aware of your thoughts)


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

On Jul 15, 2015, at 2:45 PM, bugzilla-daemon@... wrote:

--- Comment #4 from Kris Reeves <> 2015-07-15 20:45:04 UTC ---
The understaffed/incremental approach is precisely why I chose what seemed a
simple case to test with, before potentially submitting a bunch of them.

I've found some other annoying properties of how people seem to be using
licenses; the BSD 3 Clause license in particular seems to see a lot of
variation; my test set is currently the top 280 modules on NPM, and I've been
manually investigating every package that couldn't be matched. I took the
approach of writing overrides in the SPDX markup syntax for a couple of the
licenses, but found it to be a bit difficult/clunky once I needed a bit more

I'd be happy to join a call and talk about my findings if you'll have me, and
as this discussion has kind of taken a turn for the broader, if you can direct
me to the appropriate place to continue it, I'll post there.

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