[Bug 1302] Apache 2.0 license text includes appendix

J Lovejoy

SPDX legal team,

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Subject: [Bug 1302] Apache 2.0 license text includes appendix
Date: July 15, 2015 at 1:19:25 PM MDT


--- Comment #2 from Kris Reeves <bugs.linuxfoundation.org@...> 2015-07-15 19:19:25 UTC ---
Unfortunately, the guidelines and data provided make it programmatically hard
to implement reliable matching of candidate license text with the provided
templates. I did find the guideline reference, but this issue was kind of to
test the waters as to how amenable the project was to improving this state of

Things like the Apache license case are very easy for humans, but very
difficult for computers; given that the SPDX project maintains a curated list
of licenses, the solution that makes the most sense, and makes this project the
most useful, is to maintain the template data in the ideal format for usage in

This ideal format would be, essentially, a format that makes the matching rules
easiest to apply; it could go as deep as to include correct metadata in all
relevant templates or as shallow as to simply remove headers and trailers that
are irrelevant to the substantive license content.

(There are other problems with the matching rules conflicting with the data,
such as how the matching rules say to ignore Copyright declarations, but
template files such as BSD-3-Clause actually include metadata for the copyright
declaration, making it impossible to match the template as specified against
data processed according to the guidelines)

In summary, you might read this report as a request to begin cleaning up the
data in the repository for better processing, beginning with a very simple
case. Is this likely to happen?

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