Re: Introduction

Kyle Mitchell

So glad to see this message!

Ansel is a friend, colleague, and kindred spirit. Our conversations on
law and software rank reliably among the most challenging and rewarding
of my career.

I am also an SPDX greenhorn, but can't recommend enough that old hands
rope Ansel in whenever possible.


On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 12:41:36AM +0000, Ansel Halliburton wrote:
Hello! After being introduced to SPDX by Kyle Mitchell, I've been
browsing the Legal Team list archives and learning about SPDX
generally. I hope to get more involved with the Legal Team starting in
July, but I wanted to introduce myself briefly now.

I'm a lawyer in San Francisco at a small firm called Kronenberger
Rosenfeld LLP, which focuses on Internet law. I was a software
developer before going into law, and have contributed to open source
projects. My law practice is mostly transactional corporate and IP
work for software and Internet media companies, and some of that
includes open source compliance.

A few links for those interested:
- LinkedIn:
- Bio:
- GitHub:

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